How to get the most out of your consultation

5 Top Tips to get maximum benefit from your veterinary physiotherapy appointment.

✔ Find the right professional

This is a biggie - know who you are seeing. Are they qualified, insured and registered? Don’t be afraid to ask the question directly! Someone suitably qualified, insured and registered will be more than happy to answer. The safety of your animal could depend on this, so it’s absolutely worth checking.

✔ Communication is key

The more relevant information you can share about your animal, the better your physiotherapist can assess, treat and make a plan going forward.

Make a list of your observations, any changes you’ve noticed in movement, behaviour, feeding or habits. Perhaps there have been changes in their environment, routine, tack or management. Don’t be afraid to get that list out at your appointment!

✔ Have goals in mind...

...And be prepared to modify them! You might want to help your animal feel less stiff, jump a clear round, enter a more advanced eventing class, return to sport after an injury, finally crack that lateral movement or go out for a family walk with the dog.

Whatever your goals may be, discuss them with your physiotherapist and they will be better placed to help you work towards them.

✔ Ask lots of questions!

Your physiotherapist is there to answer your questions and make the management of your rehabilitation and performance goals as easy as possible.

Just remember that it’s important, and OK, to ask as many questions as you need. This will help you feel like you have a greater understanding and more control over the management of your animal’s care plan.

✔ Know that we care

99.9% of all animal health professionals are in the job because they care about your animals, and by extension you! Ultimately we all want the same thing - to give our animals the best quality of life possible.

To help your animal move better and feel more comfortable, book an appointment today or contact us for help and advice.